Personal Injury

Fraudulent personal injury claims are a rapidly growing problem.  These fraudulent claims affect everyone from auto insurance companies to errors and omissions insurance companies, to the individual person. There is no doubt that accidents and injuries occur in public places, businesses, residential properties, and the roadway, for which the injured deserves compensation. But, in the world we live in, there is a growing number of fraudulent claims, where the claimant may be fabricating or exaggerating the injury or injuries he or she may have sustained. In these cases, you may wish to have surveillance conducted on the claimant.  If you are in need of surveillance for a personal injury claim, contact us today.

Surveillance is an excellent choice for Personal Injury claims.  Surveillance can:

– Determine the extent of injuries claimed

– Determine if other outside activities may have caused the injury in question.

– Provide video evidence of the claimant’s physical abilities


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