Surveillance / Sub rosa

Sub rosa is a latin term, meaning “under the rose”, and is widely used as a term for covert surveillance.  Surveillance can be defined as the close observation and documentation of a person, place, or things. Surveillance Investigators‘ tasks are to identify and document any and all interactions, contacts, and whereabouts, of the subject being observed. Surveillance is an extremely useful practice regarding various types of insurance frauddomestic investigations, residency verification investigations, workplace investigations, and Workers’ Compensation investigations, yet it is not limited to these examples. Surveillance investigations generally involve an individual who is believed to be doing things other than what he or she states to his or her employer, insurance company, or family. Surveillance is also widely used in risk management for security purposes and to combat recurring theft. Surveillance is a specialty of Brad Alan Investigations. For any and all of your surveillance needs, contact us today.

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